Back To School shopping in July? Wait a minute! No! Not just yet.

Ok, I understand. Retailers have to push their products, I get it. But to be quite honest I'm quite irritated that I'm being forced to jump on every holiday and seasonal activity so soon out of the gates. I'm giving up on purchasing these items any sooner than I have to. Frankly, I want nothing getting in the way of me and my personal calendar. So that means, no Christmas presents or decorations until the week of, no Halloween costumes and pumpkins until the very last minute, no turkey until Turkey Day.

Seeing all these commercials on TV months before school season makes me so flustered! Do I really have to rush my summer months? Even when it came to Christmas last year, by the time the retailers had begun to decorate their aisles with boughs of Hollie and kept them up for a full three months before the big day, I was already completely and totally over the whole jolliness of it all. You simply shouldn't have to hear Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey holiday tunes a full 90 days beforehand.

School begins for most of us in the fall. It's only July! There is simply no need to clear the shelves and stock your backpacks with rulers and binders. Instead, fire up the grill! Bust out your board shorts and beach balls. Enjoy this season while it lasts! The holidays will be here sooner than you think.