If you are a fan of FCS Football Fans Facebook page then you may have already seen this. Many sports individuals and players have been asked where the loudest place they've played or worked at was. Comes to no surprise that many said Washington Grizzly Stadium including Tony Romo. 

If you have ever been to Washington Grizzly Stadium then you know it's loud, but for some it has taken some big time sports names to confirm that. In an interview Tony Romo, according to FCS Football Fans Facebook, said After a victory over the Seahawks in Seattle when he was asked if he had ever experienced more noise in a stadium. His response was "Missoula Montana is way louder". Back in 2000 he played here and it wasn't the best outcome for his team.

And of course he isn't the only one. Todd Harris & Charles Arbuckle, ESPN announcers said it's the loudest too.

Some even go as far as tony to say we beat out Seattle's NFL stadium at times!

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Photo courtesy of FCS Football Fans Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/280845545286052/photos/a.581878888516048.1073741826.280845545286052/856496654387602/?type=1&fref=nf