It was an absolute pleasure to spend 3 nights and 4 days adventuring in one of my favorite places on earth, Cabo San Lucas at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. If you've never been it feels very similar to San Diego with beautiful weather and nice beaches. Although there were some tips and tricks I discovered after this being my third trip to Cabo.

First of all, location is everything when it comes to where you're staying. The first two trips to Cabo Savannah and I stayed at the RIU resort which was all inclusive drinks and food. This last trip we stayed at the Tesoro resort which was not all inclusive but it was in the middle of the marina where all the action is, including restaurants. While we might have spent a few more dollars on drinks this trip, we saved money on booking the resort and I would much rather have the best location. You can order Margaritas anywhere, but you can't just order a different view from your resort. Riu isn't bad at all, but Tesoro had a better view and location.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

Next make sure you have your adventures and excursions set up prior to getting there, that way you're not wasting your actual vacation time on deciding what you want to do. This trip was the first time we did jet skis, while it was a blast, it was way more exhausting that we thought it would be. It might have also been the fact that we walked a 1/2 mile in the sand to get started and when we were done. One mile walks in the sand don't seem very difficult but it was more difficult that I ever thought.

Photo courtesy of Billy Jenkins

Another fun adventure we tried this time was the downtown Food Tour, this was high on my list of things to do as I love to try out new foods and restaurants. Unfortunately, we only ended up trying 3 different restaurants with tacos, one food stand for tamales, and then a dessert choice of either ice cream or a churro. While the food was good, for an excursion that cost $40 per person I could have put together a better tour than the one they took us on.

The trip was incredible and anytime I get to spend time with my wife while relaxing on the beach is a fantastic time. I feel like I learn more and more about Cabo each time we travel back there, and I also learn more of what I enjoy while on vacation. So, basically this means I want to go back immediately so I can learn more. That might have to wait a while so I can save up more time off at work and a few more dollars to buy more Margaritas!