It's crazy to think that it has already been three years since my beautiful wife Savannah and I got married. It has also been three years since I was reminded during our wedding speeches that it was "About damn time".

Savannah and I first spoke to each other in the back of a classroom at Green River Community College in Auburn,WA. I was the fast talking morning show host for 89.9 KGRG-FM and she was the beautiful new girl who wanted to try out radio. I was lucky once again when she decided to intern for the morning show. I then had to relieve her of that position because she was at least 30-45 minutes late for her first two shows. After I told her she was done with the show we both still wanted to spend time together we just decided it was best away from the radio station. It's amazing to think all of that happened 10 years ago now.

I honestly feel like I win the lottery every morning when I wake up next to my supportive and encouraging wife. Everyday I want to be a better person, and she makes me want to be that way. Savannah always knows how to get the best out of me and make me smile.

It is my hope that everyone finds their true soulmate like I have found mine. I would be nothing without my wife by my side. One of the best experiences of my life was when I got to celebrate my grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary, one of my goals in life is for Savannah and I to have one of those celebrations!

Now here is the song that was our first dance:


    2016 Canine Classic!