I will be the first to admit some people like to call me frugal, I like to think it is financially responsible. So it's only fitting that I take the time to search through the Missoula Craigslist posts to let you know about the top three things you can get right now that are FREE!

1. Free Elliptical Machine. If you are struggling with your New Years Resolution to exercize more this might be perfect. A great way to workout and be able to do it within the comfort of your own home!

2.Free Dresser. As my fine and I are still in the process of making our house our home we are quickly realizing how expensive furniture can be. If you need a dresser, this might be perfect for you, plus the price is right!

3. Free Fake Christmas Tree. This year was the first year my wife and I put a Christmas tree up in our home, and it made the holidays so much better. This could be a great opportunity to set yourself up for a wonderful Christmas for 2016!

Now the big decision. What are you going to do with all that money I just saved you? :)

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