Sooner or later, every person in our nation finds out there is a city named RENDEZVOUS, Wyoming. Then a few American's find out that it's a heavily cowboy town, which somehow makes it even more hilarious.

We figured we'd go on a quick tour of some of the SEXIEST CITY NAMES in the U.S. And not only will anyone in Wyoming be pleased to know that one of their towns made the list, but will appreciate that we put them in the order from foreplay to rolling over to go to sleep.


#1.) Rendezvous, Wyoming. . .Last Resort Creek, Colorado. . . or Hooker, Arkansas. It depends on the night which one you start at.




#2.) Kissimmee, Florida.




#3.) Boob Creek, Alaska.




#4.) Handy, Indiana.




#5.) Big Bone Lick, Kentucky . . . and Oral, Tennessee.




#6.) Spread Eagle, Wisconsin.




#7.) Intercourse, Pennsylvania.




#8.) Climax, North Carolina. Or, if things don't go as well, there's Faker, Texas.




#9.) Blue Ball, Pennsylvania. That means you'll want to take another trip to Self, Arkansas.