This is a sad truth to admit - but I never enjoyed a beverage at KettleHouse Brewing's northside location before they closed earlier this year. I know, I know.....I kind of dropped the ball on that one. I thought it was one of the cooler buildings when I moved to Missoula and I loved how you were able to drive right underneath it. I briefly went inside once when a friend was in town but we were in search of a meal. Since they didn't serve food, we left and I swore I would return one day. Many around Missoula were bummed to see the news when KettleHouse announced they would be closing the taproom because of effects from the pandemic. Most were probably saddened by the news because they loved the place. For me, it was because I didn't even get to check it out.

Photo: Andrew Squires / Engel & Volkers

What's going to become of the old KettleHouse building? We don't know the answer yet.....but we might before too long. I saw Facebook post today that has the building listed for sale. The listing offers up the property for "retail, office, manufacturing and cold storage space," so there's a lot of possibilities when it comes to what could end up moving into the spot.

Photo: Andrew Squires / Engel & Volkers

All you need to take ownership of the building is a cool $2,000,000. Yep, that's six zeroes.....$2 million. Maybe we can all pool our money and go in together and have a publicly owned taproom. Kind of like the Green Bay Packers do with fans owning the team.

Here's how they list the property on the real estate website that is offering it for sale:

"Rich with history, this beautiful brick building is a staple in Missoula. Originally used as a fruit storage warehouse, and then later turned into a favorite local microbrewery and taproom. The business potential for this property is expansive including Retail, Office, Manufacturing and Cold Storage space. The building itself is a prominent landmark for anyone heading northeast on Orange Street and anyone entering Missoula from exit 104. The close proximity to the heart of downtown Missoula is another draw for the building; being within walking distance to Higgins Ave makes it an easy place to access for locals and tourists alike while they wander the Hip Strip. This building is in a prime location for your next business venture! Listed by Andrew Squires."

If you want more details with the old KettleHouse building - you can see them (along with some great pictures) HERE.

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