America gets slammed for having McDonald's and Starbucks on every block, but when it comes to each state, we certainly have widely differing tastes. 

Foursquare, the mobile 'check-in' social network just released data of what each state drinks and eats more than any other.

Here's a breakdown of a few standout highlights, including Montana.


Maine: lobster

Vermont: maple syrup

Missouri: toasted ravioli

Louisiana: crawfish

Minnesota: Juicy Lucy burger

Hawaii: poke

Southern foods

Tennessee: banana pudding

Arkansas: catfish

Mississippo: po boys

Alabama: fried green tomatoes

South Carolina: grits

North Carolina: hushpuppies


Pennsylvania: "chicken cheesesteaks" . . . NOT regular cheesesteaks??


Nevada: bottle service. Really? Apparently a $500 bottle of vodka is the best thing to eat there.

Our state: 

Montana: huckleberries! While it's worth noting that huckleberries are plentiful in our state, Morrell mushrooms and Flathead cherries didn't make the list. Both of those delicacies, in our opinion, also deserve to be on the list as well. What other food or drink deserves to be on the Montana 'uniquely popular' list?

(You can see the results for every state here.)

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