Most people in Montana have a hankering for this particular meal according this fascinating (and mouth-watering) map.

According to the Washington Post:

This map doesn’t show the most popular cuisine in every state — that would probably be pizza, American or Italian. Instead, it shows the most disproportionately popular cuisine, so the type of restaurant that is relatively common compared with the national average. To get the data, Yelp analyzed restaurant listings for each state, then calculated the percentage of total restaurants that each cuisine represented.


Before we dive into what Montana loves the most during meal time, let's share what our neighboring states also seem to enjoy in mass proportions. Washington is very much into Vietnamese food, Oregon is all about Foodstands, and Idaho devours a lot of food at a nearby Gastropub.

Moving slightly east into the center of the U.S., both Montana AND Wyoming loves them some beef! Big ol' slabs of steak on a large plate! Can't say we blame them one bit. Get in my belly!

Check out the full map of the most disproportionately popular cuisine in every state here.

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