My dear friend Bailey Branson's bridal shower was an absolute dream! Talk about #BridalShowerGoals!

This past weekend, I spent my Sunday afternoon at one of the most adorable bridal showers I've been to in a long time! Not really surprising since the mother of the bride-to-be is a Prairie Sister and owns the cutest vintage shop in Missoula! Plus her handy helpers included Molly Mortensen, a fellow Prairie Sister, Irene Easton who is the most popular interior designer in Missoula and of course her daughter Amanda, who is also a very talented artist. It's amazing to see what these women can do when you put them in a room together!

To say they did a beautiful job is a complete understatement! These incredible women pulled this shower together in a matter of months so that we could love-on a girl with the world's biggest heart, smile and spirit!

All I gotta say after attending a bridal shower as beautiful as this one is that these women better be ready to plan/execute MY bridal shower when that day comes! (IF that day ever freaking comes lol) Love them all to pieces...

Check out how cute these photos are!!!!