Schools out! Now what?

Check out our top 10 list of things to do with the kids during the first official snow day in Missoula this season.


1. Spray paint, without the guilt! Grab a can of spray paint from the garage and let your inner-city urban tag art fly all over the snow! The best part? It's not permanent. Check out this amazing snow sculpture that someone in Missoula made this season!


2. Have an indoor picnic. Lay out a blanket, make some sandwiches and gather the family around on the living room floor for some summertime fun...only indoors.


3. Catch up on some sleep. How often does that happen with your crazy hectic school schedule?


4. House chores. I know, you hate to hear those two words...but hey, your mom and dad would love it if you pitched in with some help around the house.


5. Bake something! Not every kiddo will think baking is all that fun. But, hey.. licking the spoon is fun! And decorating the desserts is also kinda fun, too. Here's some awesome recipes to get you started.


6. Dance party! Crank this radio station and jam out. Play it loud! Odds are the cops will be too busy to come tell you to turn it down. (kidding!)


7. Board games. Think about it, when was the last time you broke out Life? Or Monopoly, even? Ditch the X-Box, and bring in the whole family for some quality gaming time.


8. Sledding! We actually wrote an article on the Top 5 Places to Sled in Missoula.


9. Another article here on the Top 5 Missoula indoor fun spots for kids during the winter. Just make sure you call these places ahead of time to make sure they are still open.


10. Build a fort! Whether you want to build a fortress for an epic pillow fight or have tea inside a princess castle made out of blankets, a fort will keep the kids occupied and make you want to play along.

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