Taylor Swift doesn't want people to move on and forget about those devastated by Hurricane Sandy last month. The pop-country superstar has recorded a promo for MTV's 'Restore the Shore' benefit in which she waxes nostalgic about her memories of the Jersey Shore.

"As a kid, I spent my summers at the Shore, and I have so many amazing memories for that time in my life," Swift, a native of Pennsylvania, says in the video. "So I'm sending all my love and support to all the people in New Jersey who suffered through Hurricane Sandy. It's time to restore the Shore."

Cast members of MTV's 'Jersey Shore' are also helping MTV with the effort by gathering in Times Square on Thursday to solicit donations. Vinny Guadagnino tells MTV, "New Jersey, and especially Seaside, is just destroyed... I know every business owner on the boardwalk personally, you know, and they're good people, they all are hard-working people."

The telethon airs live this Thursday, Nov. 15 at 11 p.m. ET and aims to collect money for victims of the storm. Don't feel like waiting until then to make a donation? Text SHORE to 85944 right now to contribute $10 immediately.