The Rock Cooks Up a Trailer For His YouTube Channel
Not content to dominate the world through both Instagram and Twitter (and movies and television shows and wrestling guest appearances and talk show appearances and pretty much everything else), Dwayne Johnson has announced plans to launch his own YouTube channel on July 18 of this year. If the above video is to be believed, Johnson’s inner monologue is also the staging ground of an epic YA adventure movie. Sounds good to us.
Billy’s Favorite YouTube Videos Of All Time [NSFW]
Watching YouTube videos is so much fun. You don't know what to expect but one short clip can make your day a whole lot better. I have created a list of my top five favorite YouTube videos of all time. You may have seen some of these videos, and if you haven't make sure you check them out...
Kendrick Lamar
Since becoming a household name, Kendrick Lamar has been the go-to guy when a company wants to work with a positive rapper. Reebok is the latest company to form a partnership with the TDE lyricist.

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