Why Do You Love Yellowstone?
Last year for our anniversary my wife and I decided a trip to Yellowstone National Park would be fun. We spent four days and three nights staying in West Yellowstone and adventured through the park each day. After hearing that tourist numbers are already above where they were last year is no surpris…
Yellowstone Drone Crash
Eyewitnesses at Yellowstone National Park claim they saw a drone splash down into one of the parks most iconic natural wonders.
Yellowstone Super-Volcano is (Not) About to Explode!
The enormous volcano under Yellowstone park is only days away from exploding! At least, that’s the rumor being spread on YouTube and other websites after a 4.8 magnitude earthquake occurred near the time an interesting video of the park was posted online.
Yellowstone Park Ranger Squashes Rumor of Coming Apocalypse [VIDEO]
I continue to see day after day people posting about the recent earthquakes in Yellowstone National Park. People seem to believe that the recent 4.8 magnitude earthquake is a sign the the super volcano is about to explode. People have even gone as far as to speculate that any animals leaving the par…
Earthquake Shakes Yellowstone Park
Not since 1980 has a large earthquake hit Yellowstone National Park. The park receives multiple "small" quakes everyday, but this past Friday a 4.8 magnitude earthquake hit the park causing people to wonder if it will set off the sleeping super volcano underneath.
Update on Yellowstone River Oil Spill
At approximately 11:00 PM on Friday, July 1 a break occurred in a 12-inch pipeline owned by ExxonMobil that resulted in a spill of crude oil into the Yellowstone River approximately 20 miles upstream of Billings, Montana. The current estimate of the amount of oil released remains at 1,000 barr…