Tom Hanks

SNL Preview: Tom Hanks Parachutes Off the NBC Roof
Tom Hanks had us a bit worried that SNL would forgo its Wednesday promos for a look back at the Inferno star’s eight previous hostings, but the man always delivers. See for yourself, as Hanks and Leslie Jones enjoy a round of mimosas, before being chased off of NBC’s roof.
Tom Hanks to Get Behind the Wheel of ‘Greyhound’
Tom Hanks is making the most of all the Sully buzz: earlier today, it was revealed that Hanks has written a script for a movie called Greyhound, and also hopes to star in the picture if he can get it picked up. Aaron Schneider (director of Get Low and director of photography for Titanic) has signed …
‘Inferno’ Trailer: Tom Hanks Would Like to Solve the Puzzle
The latest trailer for Inferno is, unfortunately, not as intriguing as the last, but if you’re a big fan of exposition, then this one is for you. Tom Hanks and Ron Howard reunite for the third and final chapter in the Da Vinci Code trilogy, which sees our puzzle-solving protagonist Robert Lan…

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