Ted 2

Box Office Report
When Universal scheduled Ted 2, they surely had no idea that Seth MacFarlane’s swearing teddy bear sequel would be squaring off against one of the biggest box office juggernauts of all time...a juggernaut that they themselves had created. So it’s not surprising that Jurassic World topp…
‘Ted 2’ Review
It’s funny that the poster for Ted 2 features the title character with his back to the camera and his hands suggestively poised near his crotch above the tagline “Ted is coming, again” because the whole movie revolves around the fact that Ted can’t come, not even once. Te…
Abuse Allegations
Stephen Collins has been dropped from the Seth MacFarlane comedy 'Ted 2' after allegations of child molestation emerged today. TMZ has also learned more details regarding what triggered the investigation into Collins' past.