My Wife and Carrie Underwood Have the Same Addiction
I will never understand why women need so many of these, in most cases they just sit there and aren't used. Yes, I am talking about the addiction that most ladies have, and that is buying shoes. In a recent interview with Refinery29 Carrie Underwood said she owns 250 pairs of high heels...
Where Is the Best Place to Buy Snow Boots in Missoula?
It seems like such an easy question. Just go to the mall or Famous Footwear. But often times when you go to the normal stores for shoes they don't have a big selection of Snow Boots. I will admit I like to be frugal with my money but I cannot buy Wal-Mart Snow Boots, this is one item I am willi…
Montana's 2014 Googled Terms
When people in Big Sky country fired up their internet browsers in 2014, what did they search for the most on Google? We have the full break down of what you and your Montana neighbors were inquiring about this year.

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