Rebecca Black

Death Threats Made Against Rebecca Black
We knew that some people weren't fans of Internet sensation Rebecca Black, but we didn't know it was this bad.
PopCrush is reporting that two separate death threats, one by phone and one by e-mail, were made against the 13-year-old singer in March, all stemming from the viral music video for her &quo…
Kids React to Viral Videos
In a new episode of the online series Kids React to Viral Videos, a group of youngsters discuss their honest opinions of the video that has swept the nation; Rebecca Black's "Friday." Some of the younger kids are groovin' along to the sweet sounds of the young singer but …
It’s Sunday, Sunday!
One way or another, this video will make you say, "Oh dear Lord." It's another parody of Rebecca Black's "Friday." Sure, there are already dozens of parodies, but the power of Christ compels you to watch this one.
Fun “Friday” Parody
We promise that Rebecca Black's 15-minutes of fame will be over soon, but the teen singer's ghastly Internet hit continues to inspire exceptional parodies, like this one; an orchestral rendition of "Friday." With everyone poking fun at Rebecca, do you think she'll…
Jenna Rose, “My Jeans”
Before Rebecca Black became a viral sensation for her song "Friday," the trend of teen and pre-teen girls recording awful, Auto-tuned pop songs had already begun. Jenna Rose, a 12-year-old from Long Island, may be the latest budding pop star on YouTube for her song "My Jea…
“Friday”: Love It or Hate It?
The Internet is abuzz over 13-year-old Rebecca Black's "Friday," the song and video has gone viral over the past few weeks and we want to know what you think. Love it or hate it?