My Wife Won a Book At Work, It's Incredible!
I will admit, when my wife Savannah mentioned that she won a book from a random drawing at her work I didn't think much of it. She works at Missoula Surgical Associates so I thought it would be a medical book of some kind, something that would sit on a shelf and collect dust...
First Night Book Fair in Missoula!
Fact of Fiction Downtown is again opening their doors to host the annual First Night Book Fair on Saturday, December 3rd from 10am-6pm. All proceeds from sales that day will be donated to the annual New Year's Eve celebration of the arts...
Television Correspondent Comes to Missoula
I am a tough sell when it comes to many things in life. I rarely watch TV and have to schedule out when I will do my laundry and precook my meals for the week. So, I am chincy about the teeny amount of free time I have and how I will spend those precious moments each day.