Gin and Juice News Style
One of my favorite Snoop Dogg songs of all time is Gin and Juice. It reminds me of my younger years. Years before there was little thing called responsibility running my life. Yes, I’m that old.
The “Alphabet Insanity” Tongue Twister Rap
I know I make a living by talking, but that does not mean I am good at articulating words. Half the time I am a blubbering idiot. I am a lot like Ron Burgundy before I go on-air. I practice using words that I would normally mumble. "Unique New York, The arsonist wore small shoes...etc." Ch…
David Dalla G Brings The Crowd to Bozeman in Music Video
Bozeman, Montana Rapper David Dalla G's new video for 'Don't Stop' is impressive in more ways than one. First off, it's not easy being an aspiring rapper in Montana, but David Dalla G does it the best we've seen in years. Second, the video is entirely one complete shot with dozens of people in the v…
Watch Anne Hathaway Channel Lil Wayne in ‘Conan’ Rap [VIDEO]
Anne Hathaway might never get to host the Oscars again, but she could very well have a future in gangster rap.
In an appearance on Tuesday night’s ‘Conan,’ the elegant actress spoke about the negative press she’s been getting surrounding her role as Catwoman in the upcoming ‘Batman’ movie. When Conan…