Destination America Television Airs Flathead lake monster documentary [video]
The Flathead Lake Monster is a creature whose has yet to be proven into actual existence, and is reported to be living somewhere deep within Flathead Lake in Montana. Many claim that the monster resembles the Loch Ness Monster and some even say that it may be the same type of creature. The earliest reported sighting was all the way back in 1889 by Skipper James C. Kerr who manned the U.S. Grant, a steamboat that shuttled around Lake Flathead. What looked like a "log" at first soon appeared to resemble a "whale-like" creature the closer they came to it. After a passenger fired a few rounds, the creature disappeared. The "monster" didn't die, but this story began the ongoing legend that became the talk of the region even a century later. We've stumbled across some pretty insightful Youtube videos of reported Flathead Lake Monster sightings and recorded eye witnesses.