A Day in the Life of a Dog
We had a family reunion a few weeks ago and to say there were a lot of pictures that were taken would be an understatement. There was always the same problem when taking the pictures. Who would be behind the camera and out of the picture? We desperately wanted a huge family picture that included eve…
Cardboard Confessions
It’s hard to drive in Missoula and not see a handful of homeless people holding signs on one corner or another. Missoula is home to the homeless.
Should Your Dog Wear a Yellow Ribbon?
In past years yellow ribbons were used to commemorate soldiers away at war and could be seen on almost every street. They were tied to trees, fences, mailboxes and even cars. However, today that yellow ribbon has a new meaning. Yes, thanks to The Yellow Dog Project, you can now see yellow ribbons ti…
Gaga Beauty Secrets
Lady Gaga has become a fashion icon in record time. She confessed some of her beauty secrets and habits in a recent interview with People magazine. Here's some of what she had to say: