Why Do Missoula Bars Get Busy So Late at Night?
Bar owners, drink servers and entertainers have noticed an alarming trend.
After a modest happy hour or dinner rush, establishments all over Missoula become a near ghost town only until the next wave of party goers arrive as late as 11 p.m. These fashionably late appearances are making their jobs all…
5 Real Montana Bars in Missoula
Photo courtesy of billlutzius/Flickr
Whether you’re trying to show visiting friends and family a good time in Zoo Town, or you’re a visitor yourself, you’ll definitely want to make time to experience Missoula’s unique nightlife...
A Guide to Missoula Bars and Nightlife on a Budget
Let’s say you are the kind of person who doesn’t hold down a regular job with regular hours. In this economy, who does anyway? Some of us, like me for example, work five to six jobs. Anything to pay the bills!
Now let’s say you are lucky enough to actually have an evening off and yet the night doesn’…
Thursday is the New Friday in Missoula
Patterns are forming in Missoula and all around the nation.
In the past ten years, there are quite a few more people who work less and party more. As a result, one day of the workweek is now reforming to accommodate our lives. And now it seems that the amount of people seen at bars and restaurants ar…
Where Are the Cheapest Drinks in Missoula? [YOUR FEEDBACK]
Where can one find the least expensive drinks in Missoula? And how can you order a cheap drink anywhere in town? Here we offer up some money saving advice, and in return hope to receive your suggestions in order to save everyone the most money possible during a night out.
How We Party, The Ultimate Missoula Nightlife Survey Results
"What night do Missoulians go out the most? Where do you go to dance? How much are you willing to spend? Has the economy affected your party rituals?"
These were just some of the questions we asked in our recent online Ultimate Missoula Nightlife Survey. Respondents varied in lifestyle, mus…
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 2)
What effect, if any, has the weak economy had on your nightlife habits?
I'm going out less  33%
The economy hasn't affected my habits  26%
I'm being more attentive to prices  15%
I'm going out to less expensive places  10%
I'm ordering fewer drinks out  1…
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 3)
Do you prefer Hip Hop or Electronic Dance Music?
Hip Hop  43%
Both  31%
Electronic Music  26%
Do you prefer Country or Rock?
Both  48%
Rock  39%
County  13%
Where is your favorite place in Missoula to dance? (Top 5 Responses)
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 4)
When it comes to live bands, do you prefer original music or covers?
Original  68%
Covers  32%
Who's your favorite bar/club DJ? (Top 5 responses)
1. Aaron "Tallest DJ" Traylor
2. Kris Moon
3. Dead Hipster
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 5)
Will you attend an event if it allows 18 year olds?
Yes  67%
No  33%
What size of crowd do you prefer?
Medium  65%
Large  24%
Small  11%
What is one major complaint that you have about the Missoula nightlife scene...

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