Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Shoots Everyone but His Daughter in ‘Blood Father’ Trailer
Mel Gibson has spent the majority of his career playing variations of the same slightly unhinged character, so it was probably inevitable — even despite his well-deserved years in the Hollywood penalty box — that some producer would find occasion to cast him as a slightly unhinged dad. The new trailer for Blood Father shows Gibson ranting and raving as per usual, only this time he has an estranged daughter on the run to protect and a survivalist beard. The latter certainly seems like an upgrade.
Mel Gibson Is Planning a ‘Passion of the Christ’ Sequel
Faith-based films have been riding a wildly successful wave for several years now, only recently stumbling a bit with the underwhelming box office returns for God’s Not Dead 2. And while that seemed to indicate that faithful audiences might not be too keen on sequels, Mel Gibson may very well prove that theory wrong as the actor and director is apparently plotting a sequel to The Passion of the Christ.
Mel Gibson Could Have Played Odin in the ‘Thor’ Movies
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is loaded with great actors in supporting roles, from Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Douglas to upcoming additions like Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton. It’s names like those that help enrich the MCU; it’s harder to dismiss these movies as silly comic book fare when you have someone like Sir Anthony Hopkins playing Odin. As it turns out, that specific bit of casting wouldn’t have happened if Marvel went with an earlier choice: Mel Gibson.