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Matt Damon Says He’s Filming a Cameo in ‘Ocean’s Eight,’ But Will the Nose Play?
Ocean’s Eight has already assembled one heck of an ensemble cast; it’s like the Avengers of female actors, bringing so many of our favorites together for a mega-crossover of talent. Although the original plan to have George Clooney play a small role in the upcoming spinoff was ultimately nixed, it looks like another Ocean’s star will have a cameo to help tie the new film to Steven Soderbergh’s previous trilogy.
Matt Damon Must Defend ‘The Great Wall’ in the First Theatrical Trailer
If the first teaser for The Great Wall piqued your interest, you’re in luck: Universal Pictures just released the first full-length theatrical trailer for The Great Wall as part of their New York Comic-Con panel on the film. Unlike the first trailer, here we actually get a good look at the monsters and an explanation for why Matt Damon and Pedro Pascal are fighting in China in the first place.
Matt Damon Is Open to More Jason Bourne Movies
Flashback to four or five years ago and it seemed like the idea of another Matt Damon-led Jason Bourne movie was a bit of a pipe dream. How things change. Not only did Jason Bourne open in theaters this weekend, but according to Entertainment Weekly (via Heroic Hollywood), Damon would be open to coming back for even more Jason Bourne sequels.
‘The Great Wall’ Trailer: Matt Damon Tries to Keep the Monsters Out
Do you enjoy Pacific Rim but find yourself thinking, “Hmm, this would be better if it were set in ancient China and they didn’t have any robots”? Then Matt Damon has the film for you. Over four years after it was initially announced, The Great Wall finally has a trailer, offering our first real look at the epic monster film from House of Flying Daggers director Zhang Yimou.
Why Did Matt Damon Go Back to ‘Jason Bourne’?
The Jason Bourne franchise has always operated as a sort of response to the James Bond series. Right as Bond hit one of his lowest and silliest depths in Die Another Day in 2002, The Bourne Identity arrived on the scene as a sort of corrective; serious, dark, morally tortured. The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum followed, and so did 007, whose Casino Royale and especially Quantum of Solace aped the style and tone of Bourne.
Matt Damon Says He Would Be the Superhero Ben Affleck Deserves
Matt Damon has done a lot of things: He’s played a super spy, a con-man, an informant, an astronaut, a genius, and all sorts of fun characters who could also be action figures. The one thing he hasn’t done yet is play a superhero, and according to the star of Jason Bourne, that’s something he’d be willing to do for the right director — like maybe his BFF Ben Affleck.

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