Make It Missoula

A Guide to Missoula Bars and Nightlife on a Budget
Let’s say you are the kind of person who doesn’t hold down a regular job with regular hours. In this economy, who does anyway? Some of us, like me for example, work five to six jobs. Anything to pay the bills!
Now let’s say you are lucky enough to actually have an evening off and yet the night doesn’…
Meet Missoula’s Serious Scotch Gals
It all began a couple years back at The Rhino Christmas Party, where Jen and Tara’s husband both work.

At the party, the gals cracked open a bottle of “Chieftain,” which is a specially bottled scotch put together by the Filthy Boys of Missoula (aka. Kevin Head, Charlie Brown, a…
Nothing in Common? (Missoula’s 99%)
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Don’t compare the Tea Party to Occupy Wall Street protesters. Don’t do it. They are nothing alike. That’s what I’m told, although the effort of one to distance itself from the other seems strange as it persists anyway.
For one, we’re to…
Frugal Camping – Tips for Camping on a Budget
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I’m in the midst of packing for my youngest son today.  He turned six this year, which in our family is a huge right of passage.  He gets to go on an outdoor camping / hiking adventure with his dad and grandpa all by himself.  No old…
Missoula Junior Golf Program – Fundraiser
Todd gave me permission to post a quick update on the Grip it and Rip it Golf Blog today. I heard about a cool fundraiser for the Junior Golf Program in town and stopped by with my phone to shoot a quick video.
In the end, 3 different groups played a combined 187 holes between 7:50 …