Jill Valley

She Did It! Jill Valley Meowed On TV! (Well, Sort Of..) [VIDEO]
HAAAHHAAHHAHA!! Oh my gosh, she actually did it! Kind of.. When I issued a formal challenge last night to see if Jill Valley (the best newscaster in the WORLD) would "meow" live on her KPAX news program, I knew I'd be asking a lot. It's not everyday a professional newscaster would break their routine per the request of a silly radio DJ. But with a little egging on from our mutual audienc
If KPAX’s Jill Valley Meow’s Like a Cat on Tonight’s 10:00PM News, I’ll Donate $250 Dollars To Animeals
It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the KPAX news team. They are always a joy to watch each night, and their contributions to our community are unmatched. I've also learned that most of the staff at Missoula's CBS news affiliate are listeners of my radio show. We both have mutual admiration for each others work! Now let's see if we can all work together towards a common goal: In honor of the cute