Hungry Bears Take Over
A rapid increase in the number of bears in a Glacier National Park campground led park officials to close a section of the park late last week. "We did close the St. Mary Campground on September 10, due to bear activity in the area, we're not sure how long it will remain closed, but as soon as it is safe, we will open it back up," said GNP Public Information Officer Katie Liming... Read
UFO Spotted Over West Glacier, Montana [VIDEO]
I don't know why, what with all of today's high resolution cameras and all, we can't capture clearer video or photos of unidentified flying objects. But still, people are constantly rolling tape on things they see in the sky regardless of how low quality it turns out to be. While traveling through West Glacier, Montana an eye-witness was able to grab footage of something streaking across the sky.

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