Lolo Days Fundraiser Rescheduled
Lorene and Korrie are working with all of the vendors, music acts, and activity coordinators to make sure the event still happens it just won't be this weekend like originally planned.
Some of My Best Friends Became First Time Parents Last Night
Wow! It's unbelievable how fast life goes. It seems like ever since I graduated high school in 2004 that life has sped up. It feels even more like that because one of my best buddies growing up became a dad yesterday afternoon. And even better news that his lovely wife Lauren and their beautifu…
What Do You Really Want For Christmas?
This is a questions that gets asked millions of times, during the holiday season. What do you want for Christmas. And it is interesting how when you get a little older your answer changes drastically. For most kids it's going to be some toy or the hottest new electronic on the market...

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