Today is a Holiday!
Waking up this morning, I had no idea that today Apr. 7th is National Beer Day! It's so difficult to pick a favorite, that's why today we should be trying different beers and hopefully finding a new favorite!
So what local beer is your favorite...
Hire A Drunk To Test Your Website
As a business your website is crucial to your success. If people have a bad user experience on your website they are less likely to visit your store front. Very similar to a bad first impression you get from someone. That's why Richard Littauer has started the company 'The User Is Drunk&ap…
Montana's Drunkest City
According to Men's Health magazine, the drunkest city in America is Fresno, California. The least drunkest? Boston. Taking into consideration the data of DUI arrests, severity of DUI penalties, death rates from alcohol-induced liver disease, the number alcohol-induced car crashes, and frequency of b…
Drunk Elk Gets Stuck In Tree
Humans are not the only critters on earth that like to get drunk and belligerent. Turns out elk are no strangers to the "sauce." Apple sauce, that is.

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