Rap Idol
DMX is going through it right now. But prior to his arrest earlier this week, the embattled rapper experienced something we can all appreciate -- he met his rap idol Rakim for the very first time. And it was all caught on video.
Rapper DMX is out of the doghouse, again. The embattled rapper was released from jail on Friday (Sept. 25).
Here we go again. After being arrested last month in New York City before a concert at Radio City Music Hall, DMX is back in the slammer.
DMX Arrested
Rapper DMX had a run-in with the law on Friday night (June 26). The rapper was arrested in New York before his performance at an old-school rap show.
DMX Robbery
It’s been a minute since DMX has gotten into any real trouble but it appears the rapper got caught up in some criminal activity. Police are currently investigating a report that Darkman X allegedly robbed a man at a gas station in Newark, N.J., on Sunday (April 5).
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