How We Party, The Ultimate Missoula Nightlife Survey Results
"What night do Missoulians go out the most? Where do you go to dance? How much are you willing to spend? Has the economy affected your party rituals?" These were just some of the questions we asked in our recent online Ultimate Missoula Nightlife Survey. Respondents varied in lifestyle, music preferences and opinions, but all had one thing in common: They live in Missoula. These results
Missoula Nightlife Survey Results (Page 2)
What effect, if any, has the weak economy had on your nightlife habits? I'm going out less  33% The economy hasn't affected my habits  26% I'm being more attentive to prices  15% I'm going out to less expensive places  10% I'm ordering fewer drinks out  10% I'm ordering less expensive drinks  6% What is your favorite genre of music...
The Tallest DJ in America: Aaron Traylor
Voted Best Radio and Club DJ 2004-2011 c/o Missoulian, Independent, Idaho Broadcasters To say he is America's Tallest DJ wouldn’t be far from the truth when it comes to Aaron Traylor who clocks in at a whopping 6 foot 10 inches and has been the premiere source of the Northwests born and raised talent for 20 years; a radio disc jockey, music innovator and a true legend in the local scene...