Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen Is Sorry About ‘Ruining’ ‘Two and a Half Men’
Two and a Half Men has long-since faded from the CBS spotlight, and erstwhile series star Charlie Sheen himself has been understandably quiet since news of his HIV diagnosis last year. Now, a new interview with Matt Lauer sees the star with a long list of regrets, among them the controversial exit that nearly ended Two and a Half Men altogether.
'Scary Movie 5' Review
My disdain of the 'Scary Movie' franchise came early. I distinctly recall seeing the 'Scary Movie 2' poster, which featured Kathleen Robertson wearing a t-shirt that says "I See Dead People." This isn't a joke. It's just a reference. It isn't clever, it isn't witty - it's just saying a thing from another movie. It's not funny. Almost 10 years later, 'Scary Movie 5' still suffers from thi

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