Watch a Cat Swimming in the Bathtub - Cuteness
So - who says dogs are the only pets who love playing in the water?  The cat in this video debunks that theory and shows us how to play with a cap of some sort as it swims around the bathtub. Check it out, watch it and pass it along to your friends and family...
Is it Cat Saturday Yet?
I have to start out by saying that my husband is not a cat lover, in the slightest. However, every Saturday he eagerly awaits the new Cat Saturday posts. He then spends a good half an hour laughing (almost to the point of tears) at cat picture after cat picture.
Crazy Cat Lady Has New Meaning
I’ve already admitted that I have two cats and that I buy cat food and litter in bulk. As I make my way to the check-out, cart loaded with 50 pounds of Friskies, two tubs of long-lasting Tidy Cat, and coupons in hand (DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE ME!) I often feel like people…

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