Humpday Camel Gets the Missoula Remix [VIRAL VIDEO]
Today is Wednesday, forever known as "Hump Day," aka. right smack dab in the middle of the work week. But now, "Hump Day" is linked to a wildly popular Geico Insurance commercial. It's a silly concept: a talking camel annoying the hell out of his co-workers by reminding them what day of the week it is...every...single..Wednesday. And now, it's time to slightly annoy you by cons
School Spirit Video Competition
Update 11/19/12: Griz win by a landslide! "Keep it Grizzly" dominated with the most YouTube video views with over 10,000 hits in seven days. Bobcats: 1,116 It's a battle for online bragging rights, as Griz-Cat fever is heating up before the big game! Recently, Bozeman presented their version of Toby Keith's "Red Solo Cup," which they titled "Blue Bobcat Cup." Some Ca
Griz/Cat DJ Showcase Tonight
Nearly a year has past since I issued a challenge to Bozeman, Montana's best DJ to go head-to-head behind the decks just to see who would come out on top. And yet, it never came to pass. What exactly happened? I'll do my best to explain.
Missoula, Seriously Pissed at ESPN! But Are They Listening?
Making the rounds in the Missoula Facebook network today is a petition to let ESPN "know that their decision to Black out First and Second Round FCS Playoff games is a Bad Decision." #OccupyESPN?? Wow! According to a statement from the cable sports network, it all boils down to ratings. As if Montana isn't enough to support the viewership needed to make the advertisers happy. Clearly ES
Former MSU Bobcat Recruiter BUSTED! Confesses To Selling Pot Brownies.
As Football season heats up throughout the Big Sky Country a major allegation is set upon our UM rivals.. According to our sister station KGVO 129o: A former Montana State University football recruit has acknowledged selling marijuana-laced brownies to fellow high school graduates, several of whom became sick at what was supposed to be a drug- and alcohol-free graduation party in Kalispell. Rea