Barack Obama

UM Commencement Recap
On a rainy Missoula morning, a former University of Montana grad who made good came back to share some life advice for the graduates of the class of 2013.
Kelly Clarkson + Beyonce Perform at Inauguration
President Barack Obama, our 44th president, has been sworn in for his second term, and the inauguration was exactly the star-studded occasion we've come to expect from our celeb-popular Commander-in-Chief.
Case in point: Musical performances included James Taylor singing 'America the Beautiful,' foll…
Obama Reelection Campaign Selling Birth Certificate T-Shirts
Barack Obama is cashing in on the birther controversy.
For a donation of $25 or more to the President's reelection campaign, you can get a copy of his much-discussed birth certificate to wear right on your chest.
In an email to supporters, Obama's deputy campaign manager, Julianna Smoot, exp…