Hey it’s Billy, and let’s be honest. I’m a winner! Plus I love El Cazador food. It doesn’t matter whether it is tacos, burritos, churros, or my personal favorite NACHOS, I will dominate this competition! I have no problem eating myself into a food coma to be the 1st ever El Cazador Taco Eating Champion. My challengers are a JOKE...Mike & Charene from KYSS-FM don’t know how to do much except drink moonshine and listen to country music. KC is a strong competitor but has done such a great job with his weight loss program lately his stomach cannot handle the amount of tacos I will devour in 30 minutes. Plain and simply, all 3 of my competitors don’t have what it takes to be Missoula’s 1st ever El Cazador Taco Eating Champion! Vote for Billy if you REALLY want to win the Cinco de Drinko gift card from El Cazador!