Rapper-producer T-Pain still makes you root for him like he's an underdog. But whether you root for him or not, he's completely happy and content. That's the concept behind the video for his new EDM-inspired track, 'Keep On.'

The clip follows the Florida native to various cities around the globe as he performs, makes TV appearances and rides on his tour bus. The video starts with breathtaking footage of the beach during sunset and from there, director Sam King uses multiple shots, making the video move at an extremely frantic pace.

Considering the song is over six minutes long, there's a lot to take in and the visuals give you a sense of how hectic the rappa-turnt-sanga's life really is.

The visual also shows old footage from when T-Pain cut off his dreadlocks, which runs throughout. This could be seen as symbolism for the 29-year-old artist going through a mid-career metamorphosis.

Clearly, the song is upbeat and extremely happy, which is good to hear since the RCA Records artist has admitted to suffering from depression.

'Keep On' will presumably be on T-Pain's next album, 'Stoicville,' which should be out in 2015.