A Washington State woman received a suspended sentence for her involvement in a drug-related kidnapping and near-fatal shooting that occurred in July of 2014 on Interstate 90.

Katherine Grace Evans appeared in Missoula District Court this week before Judge Karen Townsend.

According to court documents, Miller and an accomplice, Katherine Evans, drove the victim, identified as Michael Drozdowicz, out I-90 near Turah, robbed him and then forced him out of the vehicle, where Miller allegedly shot him twice, once in the neck and once in the shoulder. Drozdowicz played dead and after the two drove away, he was able to walk to the interstate where a passing motorist called 9-1-1. Missoula County Sheriff’s deputies found him lying on the highway and transported him to St. Patrick Hospital.

Chief Deputy County Attorney Jason Marks detailed Evans' involvement in the incident.

"She was the driver during this incident," Marks said. "She didn't really do anything beyond that in terms of what had happened. She wasn't involved in the shooting or anything of that nature. However, she did please guilty to accountability for kidnapping, and received a 10 year suspended sentence to the Montana Women's Prison."

Marks said Troy Anthony Miller, the man who shot Drozdowicz, was sentenced to 20 years in prison for his part in the kidnapping, robbery and shooting.