Making the decision to move back up to Missoula from Los Angeles was a difficult one. I wasn't just leaving a #2 radio market but I was also leaving behind a lot of family and friends.

But there are very few places in this world that are as welcoming as Missoula, Montana. It's one of the reasons I chose to attend college at the University of Montana in the first place.

I love the people. I love the seasons. I love the way of life here.

One of the best parts about moving back, is all the support I've gotten from my family, friends and Missoula residents. It has made this whole process way easier.

It's really special when a friend texts me and lets me know that they're listening.My brother Sean is constantly Snapchatting parts of my show. On Thanksgiving, my entire family was streaming my show live because I wasn't able to fly home for the holiday. And a couple days ago, one of my best friend's mom (aka my adopted mother) dropped off a Snicker Doodle Hot Chocolate and snowman cookie from Starbucks because she heard me talk about it on the radio.

It's little gestures like these that fill my heart with so much love and strength. I'm so lucky to literally be living my dream and I'm so thankful for all the love and support!