Tom Heintz, the Incident Commander of the Northern Rockies Incident Management Team on the Sawtooth Fire fire has conferred with Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman concerning the re-entry into areas near this fire by the residents of the homes impacted by the area Stage 2 evacuation order.

Beginning at 7:00 p.m. this evening, residents of the following areas will be allowed to re-enter their homes under the provisions of Stage 1 evacuation/warning notice.

Paradise Trail/Blodgett Camp Road will be opened to traffic;

Nighthawk Lane will open;

North Gold Creek Loop will open;

Gold Creek Loop will open;

Westside Road remains in Stage 1 and open to local traffic only;

It is important to note that the Stage 1 warning is issued to provide ample time for the removal from the area of livestock, pets, property, and any items that take additional time to remove if an evacuation order is given.  Do not to return these items if they were previously moved under the alert and warning order.  If you left because of health reasons, the smoky conditions have not changed all that much, so consider remaining out of the area.


The following areas will remain in the Stage 2 Evacuation:

Everything west of the school bus turnaround on Wyant Lane;

Everything west of the intersection of Owings Creek Road and Owings Loop;

Orion Belt Way;

Everything west of the Roaring Lion and Westside Road intersection;

Two Horse Lane.

Ravalli County Sheriff Chris Hoffman