Fireworks stands have opened in Western Montana, and the Missoula Fire Department reminds residents that most fireworks are illegal to use within the city limits.

Assistant Fire Marshal Dax Fraser said some fireworks are now allowed to be used in Missoula.

"In the past, all fireworks have been illegal, but this year, there's a few that you're going to be able to use," Fraser said. "They consist of party-poppers, snappers, snakes and glow worms and sparklers."

Fraser lists the reasons behind the strict fireworks ban in the city.

"There can be extensive property damage with houses so close together, so if fireworks get away from you, they can cause damage to other people's property," Fraser said. "Another reason is injuries, and another reason is the nuisance factor for people who are trying to sleep, and just being a good neighbor."

Fraser outlines the penalties for those who are caught using fireworks in the city limits.

"If you use them here in the city, you can be fined $100 plus court costs," he said. "You can also get you fireworks taken away, especially is the officer deems the fireworks to be dangerous. The police force will have extra patrols out on the 4th of July and the fire department's going to be patrolling in their Type-Six engines just trying to make their presence known, hoping it will keep people from lighting off their fireworks in the city."

Fraser encourages everyone to attend the professional fireworks shows on July 3rd following the Missoula Osprey game at Ogren Park Allegiance Field, and then on the 4th at Southgate Mall.

The fireworks report line is now open. Residents can report violations by calling 258-4850.

Assistant Missoula Fire Marshal Dax Fraser