I'm a big Instagrammer, if that's a thing. Not even that I post a lot of pictures, but I just like to snoop around and look at other people's pictures. Which kind of sounds weird as I type that.

I have a really hard time motivating myself to continue the fitness journey that I started some days. Taylor sends me funny memes all the time to get me in the gym to do cardio. I've also found that social media has helped motivate me a lot also, as some of the people I follow are on the same journey as I am.

It kinda sounds personal, which it can be, but I think that's the best part. It makes the person you're following to be more relatable and personable, and show you that they are fighting the same fight you are and that you're not alone. A lot of times I get great advice and tips, but people also share their struggles and hard times.

The other cool thing about social media and Instagram accounts as motivation is it allows you to ask that person questions directly. Sometimes I will comment on different accounts if I see that they are injured, or if I really like an idea one account gave me, I'll comment and say thanks. Simple stuff, I know, but social media remains a great forum for that interaction.

We are all human. The gym will defeat us every once and a while. But if it was easy, everyone would do it, right?

Below my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram. Feel free to share your motivational accounts!! I could always follow more :)

My favorite person to follow is Michelle Bishop. I found her account through a couple of other friends that I follow, but this woman is amazing. She's a former body builder and personal trainer, but is also a rep for AdvoCare and a southern Belle at heart. Her posts are so real and raw and she doesn't hesitate to share her emotions and her love for the big man upstairs. She's also got a really great Youtube channel you can check out.

A local Crossfit celeb that I like to follow is Margaux Alvarez. As I'm still kind of new to the Crossfit thing (thanks, boyfriend), she's been a great inspiration to me as she's commented on a few of my pictures to tell me to keep up the hard work. She's a 3x Crossfit Games athlete and lives right down the road in the Bitterroot. How cool, right?!

A younger girl I've been following recently is Mattie Rogers. She just competed in weightlifting for the Olympic Trials this year and although she didn't qualify, she broke an American Record! That's huge! She also has really good music playing with her weightlifting videos and I get a lot of my gym music from her ;) If you like weightlifting or want to follow a future, hopefully Olympic athlete, she's the account for you.

Girls Who Powerlift is also a great account. I'm biased, I know, but it shows women in the gym, but also their lives outside of the gym. They also have a link to their website where they sell some killer shirts and jewelry.

I try to throw in some motivating stuff now and then, too :)

There's tons of great inspiring accounts out there, those are just a few of my favorites. Find some that work for you and your goals! There's great accounts for healthy meal planning, inspiration, quotes and more. Take a selfie, post your goals and track your progress! You'll get so much love back for all your hard work.