(4:20 p.m.) One person has been reported killed after a single-engine aircraft crashed upon taking off at Missoula International Airport Wednesday afternoon. The plane is said to have crashed into the rental car lot next to the airport.

Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Brenda Bassett told KGVO News that the crash happened around 3:15 p.m.

"When we arrived on scene, there was one fatality," Bassett said. "Right now, they are dispatching someone from the NTSB that will come and investigate to see exactly what happened and the Missoula County's Sheriff's Office will be there to help with anything that they need and assist with the coroner's investigation as well."

Bassett said the pilot was alone in the aircraft.

"Right now we are just trying to confirm who was flying the plane," Bassett said. "A lot of times, I know down in that Ravalli crash, it was someone's plane, but it was a different pilot in it. So we are just trying to gather that information. There were a couple of witnesses who saw the plane go down that have some experience in flying so hopefully they'll be able to add to that point in the investigation."

The Missoula County Coroner will release the name of the deceased pilot when the investigation is complete.