Since the birth of Facebook, the social network has attempted to remove profiles belonging to sex offenders. But now it seems that Louisiana state is taking matters into their own hands.

Louisiana is now the first state in America to pass a new law requiring registered sex offenders to list their status on Facebook profile. Should Montana follow suit?

On top of stating that they are a sex offender, the profile must include information about the crime they committed, the jurisdiction, a description of their physical traits, and exactly where they live.

Jeff Thompson, State Representative, signed the new law into effect and says the law is constitutional. Many states in America, including Louisiana, have strict rules about registering as a legitimate sex offender. Now this law expands those rules to include social networks.

Thompson claims he didn't want to leave it in the hands of Facebook admins, and is encouraging the offenders to be honest.

Facebook has given the green light on the new law.

Might it be a good idea for Montana to emulate this new law? Comment with your thoughts in the field below..