It has been over ten years since I left high school but I still remember our senior prank. We not only painted the hill leading up to my high school but also dropped thousands of bouncy balls around the halls in between classes all day long on one particular Friday. It was fun and harmless. Pranks are obviously getting bigger and more extravagant every year.

Although the best prank I have ever heard of took place while I was in junior high, one student in my home town got the help of her family to pull of this prank. With her help she cut a car in half then put a whole in the middle of it then re-assembled the car on school property around the flag pole! It was amazing and I cannot believe the cops didn't notice her late at night completing her prank. Such a great job it was covered nationally on all media platforms. I'm still applauding her prank years later. Here is a video of other good pranks.

I love hearing about senior pranks as long as they don't hurt anyone or damage any property. If it does either of those it's no longer a prank, just keep that in mind.