We freakin' love Selena Gomez's lead-off single for her upcoming album 'Come & Get It,' -- it's Eastern vibe is seriously infectious. Oh, what's that you say? There's now remixes to this awesome track? We're doing a happy dance!

DJs like Cahill, Cosmic Dawn, Jump Smokers, Fred Falke and Robert DeLong all took Selena's bhangra-influenced track and put their own spin on it. And we must say, bravo! Each remix make us want to hit the dancefloor and get cray cray not one, not two, but eight times over.

Did we mention we love this song? Okay, we did. Although we love this track and the new direction Gomez is taking with her music career, the  mid-tempo song isn't exactly one we'd hear and yell "Oh snap! This my jam!" So that's we are especially excited Selena opted to have her new track re-imagined by a slew of talented DJs and producers.

No amateur YouTube mixes here, just pure talent between Selena and her remixing friends. Good on you, girl.

Listen to the Selena Gomez 'Come & Get It' Remixes