This is Part Two in our series of how the new Elbow Room is shaping up on the inside. If you drive down Stevens Avenue you can see that the entire city block, that is still the current home of the infamous "double wide", is being built to accommodate a brand new events center, dance club, patio lounge and sports bar/restaurant.

As you can see in the video below, there has been an enormous amount of progress since our last walk through, you can really see it start to come together. One thing I walked away with was a feeling that the owners are truly doing their best to keep the same feeling of the current bar which is legendary for it's rustic and backwoods atmosphere. In some places, like for example the bar and dance floor, it still very much feels like the old Elbow, just a bit bigger. Quite a bit bigger!


In the video you heard me refer to "phase two" which as many may know will be a 900-1100 person capacity events center. This new addition which will be completed in the fall of next year will be the home of many touring acts, MMA fights, conventions and dance parties. However, what you are about to see is phase one of this project which should be opening by the middle of November.