Our advice to criminals? If you are trying not to get caught, don't log into Facebook. More important? Especially don't 'like' the Facebook link about you being 'most wanted'.

A 23-year-old who was on the run in Montana got arrested last Friday, after he "liked" a Facebook post about how he was one of the state's most wanted fugitives. 

Over in Cascade County their Crime Stoppers Facebook page was promoting the fugitives that they were on the lookout for. The site showcased a $2,500 warrant for their "most wanted" of the month.

According to the Great Falls Tribune:

Reardon is a suspect in a case involving the theft of a wallet and personal checks last January. The report says four of the missing checks were cashed, allegedly by Reardon. Documents says one of the checks was cashed at a grocery store after a law enforcement officer contacted Reardon about the missing wallet and that checks made out to him were reported as fraudulent.


Reardon had his arraignment last week. Television and other news outlets have reached out to him since his story went viral.


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