My wife cannot start her day without a cup of Starbucks coffee. And yet, instead of ordering a cup at one of their many (many, many) storefronts, she decided it would be more "convenient" to whip some up at home. Convenient, my ass...

Behold, the Starbucks VIA Ready Brew.. An infuriating product that requires more steps to make just one cup of coffee than it does to renew your drivers license.

For starters, the box is ENORMOUS. All this packaging only holds 2.79 ounces of flavor crystals, and the process of opening the container would make even the most seasoned coffee expert cry in his or her cup. So frustrating that I just HAD to videotape myself opening the box. You'll notice halfway through the taping I tried to go at it with a pair of scissors, but even THAT couldn't get through the packaging..

After nearly three minutes of attempting to make even the slightest dent into this contraption, I FINALLY got it open with pure brute strength, only to be left with a mess on my counter top that would take up a quarter of my waste can in the kitchen. And still, the coffee wasn't ready for consumption. "Ready brew??" Still, not yet..

Here's the best part..the website promoting this product says.. and I quote:

It only takes seconds to make a lasting moment.

Tear open a Starbucks VIA® instant coffee pack and you’re halfway to the magical moment that only a great cup of coffee can create.All that’s left after that is to add water and stir.

So really, here's proof that the entire concept of Starbucks instant coffee isn't so instant after all. And that's not what I have a problem with.. the issue I have the most with is the extraordinary amount of waste that comes along with a whipping up one small cup of coffee. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a radical environmentalist by any means, but after experiencing this seriously frustrating amount of excess packaging I am strongly considering going out and hugging a tree.

Are there other packages for products that are more extreme than this? What company deserves the honors of most wasteful packaging? Comment below.